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Sunday, July 15th 2007

Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, Behemoth And 3 Inches Of Blood

“As we entered the McDonald Theatre, we noticed that the house lights had just come down. You could barely see, let alone find a place to stand without knocking into a bunch of people. Within minutes, the house lights were down and 3 INCHES OF BLOOD appeared on stage.

Out walks 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. The crowd cheers as they start their intro with “Through the horned gate.”

The enthusiast are trying to make their
way to the front of the stage to claim their territory to get as close as possible to the bands. Though the set was about a half of an hour it seemed to pass quickly as
3 INCHES OF BLOOD ends the set with “Deadly Sinners”, fans are still piling in the theatre, which is filling up fast.

3 INCHES OF BLOOD announces that BEHEMOTH is the band coming up next. The crowd cheers.

Purple lights and a strobe lights are pushing out gradual bursts of colored light, it is almost blinding. Smoke starts pouring out from the back of the stage from a strategically placed fog machine that is aimed towards the crowd. The sound of the guitars hum, out walks these with “Mosters of Metal” with corpse painted faces, enormous metal spikes, black boots, full length trench coats and all dressed in black. Anikristian Phenomenon is the first song of the set. The crowd is starting to push and shove to get a better look at these “Metal Gods”. The theatre has to be at full capacity, it is so crowded that the body heat surrounds you. The mosh pit is now really starting to form as a father with a young boy on his shoulders moves off to the side to avoid the tidal wave of people moshing back and forth.

BEHEMOTH leaves the stage after only twenty minutes into their set only to come back out moment later. Nergel enters the stage wearing what appears to be a wooden demon
mask that looks like it belongs with artifacts from ancient history.

This mask has really grabbed everyone’s attention! The crowd cheers, not sure if it is the mask or because they have returned to play more?

“Hard-core” moshers are pre-occupied with making the most of the mosh pit, while others are enthralled in the last song of the set “Chant for Eskaron” and further wet the audiences appetite for HATEBREED.

BEHEMOTH announces HATEBREED will be up next. HATEBREED enters the stage practically running and full of energy.

Lights once again start moving around the stage in a circular motion. Jamey
Jasta doesn’t waste anytime before he starts belting out songs from HATEBREEDS set list.

Crowd surfers start heading up towards the stage as a crowd favorite “Destroy Everything” is played. Lead vocalist Jamey Jasta shows his appreciation by slapping the hands of the fans that are fortunate enough to make it to the front.

HATEBREED finishes their semi-short
set and thanks Eugene and all their fans for making this happen for them. HATEBREED
proceeds to get the crowd fired up with the announcement that LAMB OF GOD is next.

The McDonald Theatre is so confined that you can barely move.

Fans are lined up and still pushing their way towards the
front of stage, this time with so much more force that it is almost impossible
to keep your balance. The stage lights dim once again; the crowd lets LAMB OF
GOD know they are waiting patiently by chanting their name over and over again.
The fog machine is spewing out flashy colored smoke clouds once again. LAMB OF
GOD enters the stage. The fans are barely able to contain themselves; they are
shouting and cheering so loudly that you can barely hear their opener

“Hourglass”. The security stands lined along the stage in blue, waiting for
“stage jumpers”. Within seconds the crowd has formed a mosh pit all the way
across the theatre that looks like a tsunami of people. Crowd surfers have
already started making their ways toward the stage to get as close to the band
members as they can.

Fans are flying toward the stage and nothing is going to stand in the way. A few females now want in on the action and have companions or neighbor lift them to the sky, so they can make their way closer
to the band.

The mosh pit is non-stop action. A few victims of mosh mishaps leave the pit, some to get bandaged, while others just suck it up.

The rush of the crowd exhilarates the band as LAMB OF GOD’S Randy Blythe runs back and forth across the stage in his long jean shorts and t-shirt while belting out
blistering lyrics. Voices echoed from the crowd as they sang along with every word …

Fans on the balcony are standing, lined up across the railing, banging their heads to
the vibrating beat of the bass drum and guitars scream to “Redneck”.

Few fans notice the elaborate set lighting; everyone is too mesmerized by the band. LAMB OF GOD prepares to leave the stage after
performing “Black Label” Randy Blythe lets everyone know how much he
loves playing venues like the McDonald Theatre because “He can see all us Mother *u@%ers!”…..Here’s to hoping they keep coming back!

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